Vision Guard FenceTM (VG Fence)

An invention catered for the need of protecting key installations.

6 Unique Features:
  • Deny Visibility of the property/infrastructure behind the fence
  • Anti-climbing over
  • Anti-tempering
  • Allows ventilation of air to pass through
    (provide air & prevent strong wind causing fence collapse)
  • Sound bearer
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Hot Dipped Galvanised Powder Coated – any color

Anti Terrorist Mesh (ATM)

ATM is most suitable for use in prisons, military & police camps, embassies, nuclear plant, gas, water work oil refineries, airports, perimeter fencing along border, coastline in isolated areas with a history of regular intruders.

ATM can be put on top of the fencing and also be a full panel of fencing – Anti terrorist fence (ATF)